Homecoming Parade

There will be no regular practice at the ice rink on 9/28!

We are having our teams participate in the Homecoming Parade. We are excited this year to be working with the USU College Hockey team and will be right with them during the Parade. This is always a lot of fun and really appreciate all the parents who have their player(s) participate. It goes a long way in helping this wonderful sport get recognized and help strengthen our presence in the Valley. 


- Parade Starts at 10am on 9/28

- Parade Route is on Main St from Center St to 800 N.

- Players need to be dropped off at 8:30 - 8:45am at Joanns Parking Lot (Central Location). 

- Our White Truck n Trailer will be lined on Main St between 300 S and Center St. We will be right behind the USU Hockey Team for this Parade. (Look for kids in Jerseys)

- After the Parade, please come pick up your Player(s) near 800N and 200W we will be parked in the Church Parking lot

- Kids 10-14U can wear rollerblades if they choose but will need to also be wearing a Helmet

- Kids will be passing out Try it Free Flyers and throwing Candy

- We are wanting as many players as possible in their Jerseys, we will have some spare jerseys if you need one for the parade

- Each player attending Parade will be receiving a much anticipated Dryland Hockey puck as a thank you!!. 

More details to come.