Hyrum Parade

We are excited to be a participant in this year's Hyrum Parade on Mon, July 5th. 

We would like to get as many of our players to participate in this year's Hyrum Parade as possible. We will need players to pass out flyers for our Try it Free event in August, pass out Candy, and look awesome in their Jerseys.  We will have some banners that will be carried and a trailer for the little kids to ride on. Please look for more information to be coming out in the near future via Email. Again please put this on your calendar as we are trying to get as many kids as possible to make our presence felt in this parade.  Thanks for everyone's Participation, the kids always have a blast at this event.

The Parade will start at 10 am, we need to be arriving by 9 am to get coordinated and lined up for the parade

*** Please come dressed in your Jerseys and must wear a helmet if on Rollerblades****