Hyrum Parade - July 4th

Hey Hockey Families, 

We are excited for CVAHA to be participating in this years Hyrum Parade on July 4th. 

We are trying to get as many players this year as possible to be in the parade with us as we need them help throw candy and pass out flyers.  75 kids in a parade looks much better than 15 kids, please make an effort to have your child participate.

Please drop your players off across from Ridleys in the Parking lot just west of the Rodeo Grounds and Baseball Fields

Drop Off Time: 9am

Parade Starts: 10am

Pickup: Same Parking Lot you are dropping them off

(Find our Truck and Trailer with Jr Aggies Banners) 

Please have players in Jerseys, MITES will ride on the trailer, and older kids will pass out flyers and distribute candy. 

The kids always have a great time with the parades and we appreciate your support in helping us grow our organization and letting the valley know the "Cool" kids play Hockey!!!

We will have raffle prizes for those players participating in the parades (Winners announced at the parent Social)